Safe Place

Safe Place WA is a program rolling out into participating public-facing state offices where the public can easily connect with emergency and related support services during a crisis. Participating state offices can be identified by a “Safe Place” decal near their front entrance.

This committee is currently working with Department of Enterprise Services and the Office of Financial Management to implement and expand Safe Place WA into more state offices across Washington.

Additional resources

Best Practices

Throughout our state agencies, great work is being done to create safe and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ employees and the customers we serve. This committee serves to gather these efforts and provide an avenue for valuable ideas, insights, policies and practices to be disseminated in a way that all staff and our customers can benefit from them.

Work products

Outreach and Communications

Our membership is as diverse as the people of Washington we serve, so it is crucial that we find effective opportunities to both intake these unique perspectives and provide communications that celebrate the great work being done on behalf of state employees and the customers we all serve.

You may regularly find RAIN members at community events promoting the many benefits of state service, providing educational workshops and panels at agencies, or interfacing with local organizations and service providers.

This committee also publishes a quarterly newsletter: