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RAIN members at Olympia pride parade



The Washington State LGBTQ+ Business Resource Group, RAIN (Rainbow Alliance and Inclusion Network), established via Governor’s Directive 16-11, is focused on advising and developing strategies for creating safe, diverse, and inclusive workplaces for our LGBTQ+ employees, allies, and customers.


RAIN exists to help Washington State create safe and inclusive workplaces where every LGBTQ+ employee can bring their full authentic self to work, enabling them to do their best work every day for the people of Washington. 


Advise and develop strategies for creating safe, diverse, and inclusive workplaces for our LGBTQ+ employees and customers.

Identify best practices for employers and employees within state public service agencies and institutions.

Work with the Governor’s Policy Office and Office of Financial Management to develop and maintain a statewide Safe Place program for public-facing state offices so customers potentially facing harassment can connect with emergency and related services.

Goals for 2023

  • Promote awareness of RAIN through building strong relationships
    within internal and external entities.
  • Grow membership with a focus from diverse populations.
  • Continue the development of the structure of RAIN.
  • Identify and develop a best practices process for the
    collection and dissemination of those practices to
    employees and employers.
  • Begin work with the Governor’s Policy Office and OFM
    to develop a statewide safe place program.
  • Create a safe place initiative

Annual Report

Each year, RAIN publishes an annual report, documenting our achievements from the prior year and making goals for the year to come. See our most recent annual reports:

2021-22 Annual Report

2022-23 Annual Report

2023-24 Annual Report (TBD)


Rainbow Alliance & Inclusion Network (RAIN) charter [PDF]

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2024 Officers


Portrait of Co-Chair Chase Bayne

Chase Bayne


Portrait of Co-Chair Mark Metzger

Mark Metzger

Finance & Budget Manager 

Portrait of Budget and Finance Manager Sam Simiskey

Sam Simiskey

Administrative Liaison 

Portrait of Administrative Liaison

Michael Luke Ann

Poindexter Martin Miranda

Administrative Liaison 

Portrait of Admin Liaison Tyler Troutman

Tyler Troutman

Project Manager 

Portrait of Project Manager Aylis Jay

Aylis Jay