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LGBTQ Youth Advisory Council

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The LGBTQ Commission is starting a Youth Advisory Council! This is an amazing opportunity to collaborate with the LGBTQ Commission in helping the Governor advance equity in our state. This is a chance to have your ideas, lived experience, and expertise inform policies that directly impact some of the most vulnerable members of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community. Council members will be paid by a stipend and, since this a new committee, the first members will be a part of shaping the structure of the council. Appointments will be for a 2-year term.

Open to youth ages 13-25.

Important to note: the LGBTQ Youth Advisory Council is a program within the Washington State LGBTQ Commission, and youth councilmembers will not be considered LGBTQ Commissioners.  

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Have questions? Reach out to Sam Fennell, LGBTQ Commission Program Manager - Samuel.Fennell@lgbtq.wa.gov!

Do you work with an organization that works with 2SLGBTQIA+ youth? Are you interested in collaborating with the LGBTQ Commission in hosting an application party in your area? Please reach out to Sam Fennell, LGBTQ Commission Program Manager - Samuel.Fennell@lgbtq.wa.gov!

Upcoming Events 

Virtual Application Party - Friday, April 5th from 4:30-5:30 PM on Zoom! Application parties are an open space for youth to ask questions about the application or the Youth Advisory Council and interact with Commission staff. If you are interested in attending, please reach out to Sam Fennell, Program Manager, to receive the Zoom link. Samuel.Fennell@lgbtq.wa.gov.


What ages are considered youth?

Youth are ages 13-25 for this council.

When are applications due and when will youth be appointed?

Applications will open March 11th through May 15th for appointments in June. Interviews will begin after the priority deadline on April 15th and will continue through May. 

Who can apply?

We encourage all interested 2SLGBTQIA+ youth who live in Washington to apply! Youth who live in rural communities and cities and towns outside of the I-5 corridor, Indigenous LGBTQ and Two-Spirit youth, disabled and neurodivergent LGBTQ youth, LGBTQ youth who are active military servicepeople or veterans, and LGBTQ youth of mixed, Desi, Black, Latina/o/x, Asian-American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander racial and ethnic identities are encouraged to apply.

What will the Youth Advisory Council do?

The primary function of the YAC is to provide an opportunity for youth to advise the Governor, executive branch state agencies, and legislative branch on their lived experience and expertise regarding LGBTQ youth issues. The Youth Advisory Council will operate as a program within the Washington State LGBTQ Commission. Youth will have opportunities for professional development like conferences and training. Youth will be working with the program manager, Sam Fennell to coordinate meetings, 1:1’s and anything else they might need. Youth will have the opportunity to engage with state LGBTQ Commissioners and other relevant stakeholders in their role on the council.

Will there be compensation?

Yes! Appointed youth will be paid through a lived experience stipend and necessary travel expenses will be covered by the WA State LGBTQ Commission. For youth under the age of 18, this includes a parent or guardian. 

For more information on Community Compensation guidelines, visit the Office of Equity website here.

How many youth will be appointed to the council?

12 youth will be appointed the first year, with the hope to expand the council in the future.

Where will work take place?

Work related to the YAC can be done in-person or virtually. Any associated travel costs will be covered by the WA State LGBTQ Commission.

How often will meetings take place?

Meetings will be hybrid and will occur a minimum of 5 times per year. The youth who will be appointed to this will help determine when and where meetings will be held, and will determine the frequency of meetings.

Do youth need a guardian's permission to participate?

All youth 17 and younger will need a guardian's permission to participate in the council. 


Would your organization be interested in co-hosting an application party for youth?

Applications Parties around WA

The Commission believes it to be very important to make ourselves available to youth that might have questions or need assistance with their application. We are looking to collaborate with organizations across the state that work with 2SLGBTQIA+ youth to hold application parties where interested youth can stop in and chat with Commissioners or Commission staff about the LGBTQ Youth Council, the LGBTQ Commission, and any other questions they may have.

If your organization would be interested in helping the Commission host an application party in your area, please contact Sam Fennell – Samuel.Fennell@lgbtq.wa.gov for more details! We are looking forward to working with youth organizations across Washington to reach as many 2SLGBTQIA+ youth as possible.