2022 Legislative Session

Check the work below for the work we are doing in the 2022 Legislative Session.  These are bills we are watching as they affect the LGBTQ+ community. Bills are listed in numerical order and do not denote whether the Commission supports them or not.

Legislation to Watch 


  • HB 1658 - Requiring the department of children, youth and families to incorporate principles of equality
  • HB 1665 - Modify the membership of the oversight board for children, youth, and families
  • HB 1671/SB 5532 - Establishing a prescription drug affordability board
  • HB 1802 - Increasing access and representation in policy-making processes for individuals with disabilities
  • HB 1807 - Addressing the protection of quality civic education and academic discourse.
  • HB 1816/SB 5693 - Making 2021-2023 fiscal biennium supplemental operating appropriations
  • HB 1840 - Improving diversity, equity, and mental health at the community and technical colleges
  • HB 1851/SB 5766 - Preserving a pregnant individual's ability to access abortion care
  • HB 1917 - Establishing the Washington state men's commission
  • HB 1956/SB 5859 - Exempting from public disclosure sensitive records pertaining to current and formerly incarcerated individuals' dignity and safety
  • HB 1960 - Concerning the housing of inmates in state correctional facilities
  • HB 1961 - Concerning the authority of the courts to waive auditor's fees for filing and recording name change orders
  • HB 2057 - Strengthening diversity, equity, and inclusion in the state patrol workforce
  • HB 2059 - Concerning real estate agency law, but only to clarify that the statutory duties of real estate brokers apply to all parties and prohibiting the delivery of buyer unfair practice letters to the seller of residential real estate
  • HB 2079 - Concerning Medicaid coverage for HIV antiviral drugs
  • SB 5551 - Concerning Medicaid coverage for HIV antiviral drugs
  • SB 5793 - Concerning stipends for low-income or underrepresented community members of state boards, commissions, councils, committees, and other similar groups.

Reintroduced House & Senate

  • HB 1015 - Creating the Washington equitable access to credit act
  • HB 1071 - Concerning bias-based criminal offenses
  • HB 1141 - Increasing access to the death with dignity act
  • HB 1202 - Addressing meaningful civil remedies for persons injured as a result of police misconduct, including by allowing for an award of attorney fees in addition to damages and injunctive and declaratory relief.
  • HB 1312 - Concerning solitary confinement
  • SB 5129 - Concerning the possession of vapor, vapor products, tobacco, and tobacco products by minors
  • SB 5161 - Teaching Washington's tribal history, culture, and government
  • SB 5376 - Promoting awareness of the governor's office of the education ombuds