2024 Legislative Session

Check the lists below for the work we're doing during the 2024-2025 legislative session 

Priority Legislation - The Commission is monitoring the following legislation addressing our legislative priorities:

The Commission voted on the following bills as priority legislation to follow this session at the January Public Meeting of the Commission on January 20th, 2024. The bills are in numerical order, not order of priority. 

HB 1408 - Creating an account for the pharmaceutical rebate revenue generated by the purchase of medications for people living with HIV who are enrolled in the early intervention program. 

HB 1954 - Harmonizing language relating to reproductive health care services and gender-affirming treatment. 

HB 1958 - Concerning nonconsensual removal of or tampering with a sexually protective device. 

HB 2106 - Concerning library districts with an annexed city or town. 

HJR 4208 - Removing gendered terms from the Constitution. 

SB 5237 - Establishing complaint procedures to address noncompliance with certain state education laws. 

SB 5462 - Promoting inclusive learning standards and instructional materials in public school. 

SB 5824 - Concerning the dissolution of libraries and library districts. 

SB 5983 - Allowing medical assistants with telehealth supervision to provide intramuscular injections for syphilis treatment. 

SB 6127 - Increasing access to human immunodeficiency virus postexposure prophylaxis drugs or therapies. 

Legislation to watch

This list does not indicate support or opposition to the following bills. The Commission is tracking the following legislation that indirectly impacts the LGBTQ+ community:

HB 1872 - Establishing accountability requirements for homeless housing grant programs.

HB 1241 - Addressing harassment.

HB 1320 - Concerning access to personnel records.

HB 1455 - Eliminating child marriage.

HB 1541 - Establishing the nothing about us without us act.

HB 1866 - Concerning the academic and support needs of children of seasonal farmworkers.

HB 1873 - Concerning office of public defense social service workers for parents in child welfare cases.

HB 1889 - Allowing persons to receive professional licenses and certifications regardless of immigration or citizenship status.

HB 1905 - Including protected classes in the Washington equal pay and opportunities act.

HB 1914 - Improving the education of students with varying abilities by enhancing special education services.

HB 1929 - Supporting young adults following inpatient behavioral health treatment.

HB 1969 - Expanding the definition of family member for individual providers.

HB 2010 - Keeping children safe from family violence.

HB 2014 - Concerning the definition of veteran and restoring honor to veterans.

HB 2016 - Allowing certain minors to contract for housing and utilities.

HB 2098 - Authorizing the women's commission to solicit gifts, grants, and endowments from public or private sources.

HB 1940 - Protecting the rights of workers to refrain from attending meetings or listening to their employer's speech on political or religious matters.

HB 1999 - Concerning fabricated intimate or sexually explicit images and depictions. 

HB 2035 - Concerning restrictions on the working conditions and hours of sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds. 

SB 5227 - Concerning sex-selection abortions.

SB 5806 - Concerning the confidentiality of insurance company data.

SB 5811 - Expanding the definition of family member for individual providers. 

SB 5830 - Establishing the Washington state commission on boys and men.

SB 5858 - Concerning the just and equitable distribution of real property and liabilities in the dissolution of marriage or domestic partnerships.

SB 5871 - Concerning the definition of veteran and restoring honor to veterans.

SB 6155 - Establishing a statewide policy on camping on public property.

SB 6208 - Modifying requirements for public school instructional and supplemental instructional materials.

Anti-LGBTQ Legislation 

HB 1214 - Enacting the protecting children's bodies act.

HB 1233 - Concerning housing of inmates in state correctional facilities.

HB 2241 - Prohibiting puberty blocking medications, cross-sex hormones, and gender transition surgeries for minors.

SB 5172 - Ensuring abortion safety by providing that only physicians may perform abortions and inform women of their right to be fully informed of the inherent risks.

SB 6026 - Protecting the rights of parents and guardians by using students' given names in public schools.