LGBTQ+ Executive Directors Gathering


Washington Nonprofits and the Washington State LGBTQ Commission are hosting the LGBTQ+ Executive Directors (EDs) Gathering with support and agenda planning help from two standing support/networking groups for LGBTQ+ EDs in Seattle and in Pierce County. The Gathering offers a chance for people in the leadership seat at their organization to come together for mutual support and learning. Being an ED can be lonely and difficult at times—our work plates are overflowing and we are holding a great deal of responsibility. As LGBTQ+ leaders, we face an additional set of challenges ranging from discrimination by the broader community to tricky politics within the LGBTQ community. This gathering is intended for nonprofit EDs in Washington state who identify as LGBTQ+ and/or lead an LGBTQ+ community organization. Please help us spread the word to people in these roles. Because the role of staff leader is unique, we request that people not currently in this role do not attend. We do welcome people serving in an equivalent role to ED, e.g. co-director, artistic or managing director, leader of a fiscally sponsored project, or similar. We will strive to create a welcoming, confidential space for people of all races, backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities. This gathering will not be recorded.

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LGBTQ+ ED Gathering